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After many years working in the magazine industry, here I am creating my own little editorial space just for you. This is MY curated choice and quite simply the stuff I love. I aim to give you the best of it, whether it’s fashion, beauty or lifestyle. The one common denominator: I deem it stylish and noteworthy.

Yes, it’s a blog format, but I’m not a blogger. I’m a seasoned Fashion & Style Director with over 25 years of knowledge and experience in the world of fashion and magazines. Most recently, I spent 15 years at Cosmopolitan UK, where I created a fashion personality on a predominantly features-led magazine. Previous Fashion Directorships included Company magazine (sadly no more, but once the younger sister to Cosmo), Marie Claire Health & Beauty and the Mail On Sunday’s YOU magazine. 

I’ve worked with many of the major players on the high street, art directing and styling look books, window and advertising images. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Miss Selfridge’s creative director, Yasmin Yusuf, to create a 25-piece collection for the festival season: ‘Inspired by Shelly Vella’ – definitely a career highlight. 

I’ve travelled the world, worked with supermodels (yep, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell included) and joined forces with some amazingly talented people. It’s time for a new chapter. The Stylish Stuff – my new home – shares space with my portfolio so you can check out just how I’ve honed my visual skills. You can also click through to my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds for snacky updates and sometime views into my world. Warning, there will be horses and other animals…

Thanks for getting on board,

Shelly Vella

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Proud winner of the PETA Influencer Award 2015


Sam Baker, CEO / Editor-in-Chief, The Pool

“It’s no small achievement to blend artistry with commerciality, but Shelly Vella has made that balancing act her trademark over decades as fashion director on supplements, glossies and for brands. Whether shooting high end or high street, no matter how tight the budget, she never fails to create looks that inspire the reader to shop without making them feel out of reach.”


Natalie Amosu, Group PR and Brand Communications Director, Arcadia LTD.

“Respect is a wonderful thing, Shelly commands this tenfold, her passion, insight, support of the industry and amazing eye for talent and attention to detail  ensures she shines out from the crowd , quite simply her experience makes her best in class, and her vision keeps her energy fizzing her world and those around her into the future. 

With new media emerging and evolving daily, it can easily become a challenge to stand out, you need to know whats now, but also what is involved to get there. Shelly can literally take a trend and translate it relevant to the audience she is talking to. Attention to detail is where Shelly excels, its second nature to her. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shelly on several scalable projects, frequently the end result has been used on a far broader remit than initially planned due to the results being just….wow.

Shelly is a team player, talent nurturer and an utterly brilliant brand ambassador for the fashion industry. Today’s stars of tomorrow could do a lot worse than take note. In fact as I write this I am making note, must work with her more!”

Louise Court, Director of Editorial Strategy and Content – Hearst UK

Shelly thinks lives, breathes, and talks in visuals. Her driving force is to create beautiful imagery and to tell stories through them. She is passionate, hard working and totally committed. She has a unique sense of style that works across editorial and commercial work and understands how to execute a vision on all budgets, locations and across different brands.


Holly Corbett, Director of Photography & Style, BA Reps NYC

“When British Cosmopolitan made Shelly Vella their Fashion & Style Director they knew they were getting great taste, but what they got was a whole lot more. She did what no fashion editor before her could do: she took the best of the British High Street and mixed it with the timeless luxury of designer brands. She turned the magazine into a fashion magazine that everyone wanted to work for.  Her eye is unparalleled and comes with a creative mind that inspires those around her, encouraging growth, shepherding artistry, and leaving a unique stamp wherever she goes. I’m proud to call her a client.”

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